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So, What’s an I-Connect007?
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 | I-Connect007 - Ray Rasmussen

So, Who Are You Guys? What’s an I-Connect007? 

I-Connect007 first began in the Fall of 1999, almost 11 years ago, as PCB007. Since then, PCB007 has become the premier news site, portal and technical publication for the global PCB industry. As former owners and publishers of CircuiTree Magazine, PCB007 was a natural development for us. Following PCB007, EMS007 was established for the global PCB Assembly and EMS industries. Three years ago we ventured into the PCB Design sector with Andy Shaughnessy as the Chief Editor. Along with our English language magazines we publish PCB007 China, EMS007China, as well as PCBDesign007China in Mandarin for our Chinese readers. In addition to our three core publications, we've created “microsections” to serve niche technologies, which include: Flex007 serving the flexible circuits industry and MilAero007, which covers the Military and Aerospace industries. All of these pieces come together under I-Connect007, which provides the structure and continuity for the seamless integration of the information for the industries, which build electronic products.

Why Did We Buy SMT Magazine?

SMT Magazine was a great fit, complementing our I-Connect007 family of publications very nicely. And although EMS007 has made great progress over the last few years, SMT Magazine substantially enhances our PCBA news, articles and columns while giving us huge numbers of loyal subscribers who we're excited about serving. By combining SMT Magazine with EMS007, we have created the industry’s information powerhouse. 

Highlights--A Royal Flush

What happens when you put together one of the industry’s oldest online magazines and portals with a premier magazine like SMT? Here are a few of the highlights:

  • I-Connect007--The industry’s longest running news and article portals.
  • I-Connect007--SMTA 2010 Media Partner of the Year!
  • I-Connect007--Exclusive Show Partner for Real Time with…IPC APEX Expo show event coverage.
  • I-Connect007--Over 3000 videos produced at events around the world.
  • I-Connect007--Over 50,000 e-books distributed on flexible circuits, HDI, high-speed design and lean manufacturing.
  • SMT Magazine--One of the industry’s premier technical publications.
  • SMT Magazine--One of the longest-running (28 years), highest-circulated newsletters and magazines.
  • SMT Magazine--SMT Vision Awards – the most respected and objective.
  • I-Connect007 and SMT Magazine--Over 55,000 articles and videos published.
  • I-Connect007 and SMT Magazine--Technical, business and news leader.
  • I-Connect007 and SMT Magazine--Industry circulation leader.

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