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Ucamco Releases Calibr8tor 7000 Photoplotter for Chip-Package Fabricators
Thursday, November 26, 2009 | Ucamco

Ucamco has released the Calibr8tor 7000, a new generation laser photoplotter designed to deliver the plot accuracy needed for Chip-Scale Packaging (CSP) substrates combined with the throughput required for economical production.

For BGA, FC-BGA/LGA and FC-CSP packages the Calibr8tor 7000 deploys plot resolutions up to 50800 ppi.  Dynamic beam control accurate to 0.1 micron and advanced pixel placement algorithms operating at 200,000 ppi deliver ensure pin-sharp high-precision images with feature sizes accurate to 1 µm.  Syntectic modulation eliminates the pixel-jump errors found on conventional plotters and allows the Calibr8tor 7000 to plot ultra-precise lines and spaces down to 5µm at all angles.

Driving the Calibr8tor 7000 is Ucamco's new scalable FlashRip.  FlashRip has been developed to process the massive data streams needed for high-speed plotting of high-resolution images. 

With underneath throughput values for an 18"x24" exposed panel, the Calibr8tor 7000 is the fastest machine in its class in the market.


To ensure the ultimate in manufacturing accuracy the Calibr8tor 7000 features Ucamco's new Geometric Correction System (GCS).  This allows the user to plot phototools pre-compensated for the linear and, more critically, the non-linear distortions which are the inevitable result of manufacturing processes.  The compensation measurements are stored in FlashRip for different materials and board stack-ups.  The CAM or plotter operator selects the relevant set as each job is put into the plot queue.

Karel Tavernier, Ucamco's Managing Director, explains: "Chip Scale Packaging poses major technological challenges.  At Ucamco we have worked closely with major fabricators in this market to develop the tools to meet these challenges.  25 years of photoplotting experience and a highly skilled engineering team have enabled us to develop the Calibr8tor 7000.  The new plotter provides the accuracy and the throughput our customers need to meet both their technological and economic targets".

For more information contact us at info@ucamco.com


UCAMCO is a market leader in the design and manufacturing of PCB CAM and laser  photoplotting systems with more than 25 years continuous experience developing, supplying and supporting leading-edge front-end tooling solutions for the global PCB industry.

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